Sustainability and Products

Working Sustainably

We want to work as sustainably as we can, that means sourcing local and ethically produced products wherever we can. It also means making ethical choices about our own products and packaging i.e. choosing biodegradable or recyclable products as locally as possible.

We appreciate the amazing natural larder around us and the talent that works hard to produce great food, drink and other eco products. That’s why its important to us to work with producers of all sizes in our local area. Working together in partnership with local suppliers also means we can help to sustain jobs and opportunities for growth.

At the last count (13 Oct 2020) we had managed to source 38% of our products in Scotland and 89% within the UK. We will continue to work hard to reduce our food miles and have a positive impact

Your Dietary and Lifestyle Choices

We understand how important it is to our customers to make the lifestyle and dietary choices that they want in an easy and accessible way.

We have put lots of effort into understanding how our products are made to take some of the hard work out of making the right product choices.

Whether you are driven by maintaining or improving health, or whether you are trying to just be a more responsible consumer, we believe that local businesses like ours should be seeking out and pointing to those good sustainable products and giving you good, guilt free choices. You can filter our products as shown in the table