About Us

Hi I'm Donna and this is Penny, we are the founders of The Long Spoon Larder

Penny and I were brought up in Fife and are both now based in Dunfermline. Penny has 20 years of experience in hospitality. She is currently developing her Cheffing skills by studying her masters in Food and Consumer Science with Abertay University.

I have spent most of my working career in people focused managerial roles across various sectors: hospitality, leisure, airports, science based organisations and the built environment. 

We have a passion for good products and better business practices, that means really caring about the communities we operate within and the people we affect.

We love, love, love, great food and wine and all of our experiences have lead us to conclude that we want to do more than just chase profit. Our business model is therefore based on 3 things: 

Good Business!

This means caring about our supply chain, reducing our food miles where possible, using Fife & Kinross based products and services where we can. It also means giving opportunities to people in the communities in which we operate. 

Good Products!

 We do our best to source products that are local, free from nasties and supports our customers in making their lifestyle food & drink choices easy. All our larder packaging is eco friendly, and we try to source products that have eco credentials and reduced packaging. (see our Sustainability & Products page.)

Good Service!

People are really at the heart of what we do, whether that’s our customers, suppliers or workers. We provide our own in-house training which reinforces the the impact we have on nature and people. We want our people to feel good about what they do and the services they provide.  

Being Better – Why the Long Spoon?

Well firstly, we are Fifers and if you know anything about Fife your will have heard that ‘it takes a lang spin tae supp wi a Fifer’! 

Some say that means that Fifers are miserly, i.e. you need a long spoon to get to the pot first. Others have suggested it’s because we are generous, that we are willing to share. Who knows the truth!

What we really loved was the parable of the Long Spoon, which describes the difference between Heaven and Hell. In Hell, all the people sit around a large round table with a pot of stew in the middle, they only have long spoons. Whilst they can reach the stew, they cannot get the food to their mouths as the spoons are too long. The people are thin, malnourished, and miserable.

In Heaven all the people sit around a large round table with a pot of stew in the middle, they too only have long spoons. But the people work together, they feed each other, no-one is hungry, no-one does without, and everyone is happier for it.  This is our value, we believe, we can co-operate and work together, which makes life better for everyone.

That’s why the long Spoon! It’s more than looking after our own interests and chasing only profit, it’s about doing something that brings you joy and is worthwhile and is driven by doing the right thing.

We want all of our interactions to be positive experiences, whilst we know this will be hard to achieve 100% of the time, it's a goal we can at least strive to achieve. We can definitely commit to doing our upmost to deliver on promises, be good at heart and apply fair practises which we think will go a long way. Use the Contact Us page to give us any feedback. We can't wait to meet you and start building a really good relationship with you.